Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


What Is It?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a virtualization technique enabling access to a virtualized desktop. These virtual desktops are hosted on a remote service over the internet. This allows access to specialized software without the need to travel to a computer lab. 

There are a limited number of Virtual Machines (VMs) available for participating departments. 


Steps to Accessing Your Department's VDI

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your PSU Access ID and password and verify through 2FA.

    PSU WebAccess Login Screen


  3. View all the VDI pools you've been given access to by clicking on the Apps tab.
    VDI apps
  4. Click the More menue (...) next to each VDI option to add to your favorites. 
    Add to favorite from more menu
  5. Click on the VDI app to launch the VDI instance.
  6. The VDI instance will open in a new browser tab.
    VDI window
  7. Log out using the Start Menu in the lower left or using the slide out menu in the middle of the left side of the screen.
    Log Off Menus

    From the slide out menu - Select the VDI instance you're using and choose Log Off
    Slide out menu


Access Via VMware Horizon Client

In addition to using your browser to access the College of Engineering's VDI platform, you may also want to use the VMware Horizon Client if you need to tie local USB devices to your session or use multiple monitors.

Horizon Client Set Up and Access Instructions



Where to go for help?

For VDI support, please email the VDI support team at or contact your departmental IT team.

How long can VDI sessions last?

There is currently no limit on session length when it is in active use. However, due to the limited number of shared VMs, disconnected or idle sessions will be automatically logged out after 15 minutes.



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